Pulse Ltd. introduces the latest European equipment, machinery, and technology for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other related sectors.

Pulse Ltd. business is not only to act as an import agent for machinery and equipment, but to provide total support including consulting prior to introduction, engineering services for installation and localization, and provide maintenance and propose improvements and modifications after introduction. Pulse Ltd. stands in the customer's shoes and get involved with developing technology and manufacturing products. Pulse Ltd. is also involved in activities for joint development of new technology with manufacturers and research institutions.

Project Management

Integrity considers our clients to be more than just the people with whom Pulse Ltd. does business;

they are valued partners of Pulse Ltd.. Pulse Ltd. makes every effort to listen to its client's needs and recognize what is individually important to them. Pulse Ltd.'s goal is to design solutions and facilitate their implementation to help its clients turn dreams into reality.

According this goal, Pulse Ltd. is offering to our client excellent Project Management services. Pulse Ltd. is preparing PID's, Flow Charts, Budget Study, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Time Planning, Source Planning, Layout Study and this kind of all necessary studies for best Project Management process.

Equipment Supply

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Pulse Ltd. assists you during the selection process and the installation offering our expertise for the best selection. The most important aim of Pulse Ltd. is to find right solution for you

After deciding for right equipment or process machinery, Pulse Ltd. guaranties the delivery to your factory by the help of its experienced logistic and custom partners. Pulse Ltd. follows all stages till you are getting your delivery. Pulse Ltd. can also supply spare parts to its customer.

Turn Key Solutions

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Pulse Ltd. has a dedicated and experienced staff to provide turnkey solutions for any small or large project and provides turnkey engineering solutions

including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the equipment that our clients require.


Pulse Ltd can help you with the engineering of your new projects, from a basic up to a detail engineering.

Pulse Ltd.’s experienced staffs and highly qualified engineers from our partners can assist you doing a conceptual process study, wiring diagrams, P&ID, layouts, specifications and so on.