Industries we serve

Power and FGD

Flue gas desulphurisation processes (FGD)

Flue gas desulphurisation processes (FGD) Plasticon Composites offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment for complete flue gas desulphurisation processes (FGD) for power industries worldwide. Our capacity to handle turnkey projects enables the possibility for our customers to make significant savings, as high interface and project management costs are not necessary. The possibility of field fabrication using our on-site winding machine allows us to supply and install products for power plants in any climate and any location. Displaying best-in-class qualities, our products have already proven themselves in a number of applications in the power industry.

Products for Power industries:

  • Storage and processing equipment of Limestone and Gypsum slurry
  • Storage tanks and processing vessels for raw and recycling water
  • Piping systems for waste water transport
  • FRP Stacks and FRP duct systems for transport of sulphur dioxide
  • (SO2) and fumes
  • Carbon capture: Amine & Ammonia
  • Equipment for the entire Wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) process
  • Process equipment for WESP Area
  • Transport of seawater (high pressure cooling-water pipes)

To optimise our organisation for the international power market, Plasticon Composites has its own power division. This team has acquired years of experience and knowledge for the benefit of power industries worldwide. The Plasticon Power team specialises in the engineering of special equipment for power plants and in advising customers where such experience is required. Maintenance services for power industries Plasticon Composites recommends periodic upgrades and maintenance to ensure optimum performance of composite systems in extreme environments. To minimise downtime and avoid unplanned disruptions,

Plasticon Composites offers the following maintenance services:

  • Inspections
  • Refurbishments
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Facility upgrades
  • Repairs

Metals & Mining

Plasticon Composites recognizes the numerous challenges mining companies are facing day-to-day. To operate in a safe, cost efficient manner while investing time and effort in minimizing the environmental impact of the operations is considered as a business to be performed by highly skilled people. Risk management and HSE are crucial topics, which are discussed on daily basis, making the industry a dynamic market looking for new solutions every day. The metallurgy industry actual discussions contain topics such as continuous evaluation of mineral processing, as well as innovations of chemical and ways to make mobilization of a plant efficient.
For over decades, Plasticon Composites has supplied process equipment naming storage tanks, leach tanks, mixing tanks and settler tanks for mining industries all over the globe. Determined are we approaching the industry persuading the advantages of FRP and dual laminate material for mining processes. Plasticon Composites' products contribute to a higher safety factor of mining processes. As FRP is corrosion and chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, fire retardant, lightweight and offers high insulation properties, choosing Plasticon Composites equipment is considered as a risk controlling and long lasting solution for Mining Industries.
In addition to the excellent properties of well-designed FRP material, Plasticon Composites offers 'On Site Winding' (manufacturing) possibilities at Mining Sites. Significant cost-reduction of transportation costs are not to be underestimated, think of the cost reduction to be realized when transporting only raw materials and Plasticon Composites' mobile facility, instead of big, heavy steel tanks. Plasticon Composites understands the needs and challenges of Mining Companies, contact us for more information and reference projects.
Plasticon Composites equipment can be used for storing or processing the following mediums:

  • Potassium & phosphate
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Zinc chemicals
  • Aluminium
  • Germanium
  • Coal
  • Platinum
  • Cobalt
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Manganese
  • Iron ore

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing Plasticon Composites offers various solutions for the chemical processing industries, including major processing plants for organic and inorganic chemical producers, petrochemical components, industrial gas producers, producers of plastic, rubbers, fibres or resins, paint and coating producers, producers of caustic soda, chlorine and carbonates. Plasticon Composites specialises in supplying process and storage equipment for these industries. Its customers include several major chemical plants. The experienced, qualified and multilingual staff of Plasticon Composites can supply, install and maintain equipment on site anywhere, anytime.
Our experience is at the disposal of chemical processing industries in various regions all over the world. Our products are highly resistant to severe chemical fluids or gases, enabling our customers to operate in highly corrosive environments.

Chemical Industries we serve

  • Petrochemical
  • Chlorine plants (chloralkali process)
  • Pulp & paper
  • Sulphuric acid plants
  • Fertiliser plants (nitrogenous and phosphatic)
  • Chemical logistics
  • Pharmaceutics & cosmetics
  • Plastics & elastomers

Quality and experience

Our experienced and multilingual team of engineers and technical support specialists assists customers in the early planning and design stages. The end result is an engineered system that reduces lifecycle costs. Furthermore, Plasticon Composites recommends periodic upgrades and maintenance to ensure the optimum performance of composite systems in extreme environments. To minimise downtime and avoid unplanned disruptions.
Plasticon Composites offers the following maintenance services

  • Inspections
  • Refurbishments
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Facility upgrades
  • Repairs

Chlor Alkali segment
Plasticon Composites created a well developped and complete offer specially for the Chlor Alkali industry. In different regions of the world Plasticon Composites executed projects at excisting and new plants with a state-of-the-art process equipment.

Water & Waste water

Preserving clean water is one of today’s essential challenges. Having developed several cutting-edge solutions in this field, Plasticon Composites is able to make a valuable contribution.
Our products are designed to ensure that industrial waste water is transported to the disposal plant with maximum efficiency and operational reliability. We provide state-of-the-art water treatment units – desalination plants, for example – which are corrosion-resistant. Safety and maintenance requirements are critical considerations for the water and waste water markets. This is where the features of Plasticon Composites’ products meet customers’ needs: corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, UV resistance, slip-proof, impact absorption and minimum maintenance, resulting in a long service life and low lifecycle costs, as compared to various metals and aluminium materials. Our multilingual staff are very experienced and well qualified to assist customers, from engineering to supply. Our products are certified in compliance with local and international branch organisations. Plasticon Composites offers high-performance products consisting of composite materials.

Water treatment plants:

  • Drinking water plants
  • Waste water plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Air treatment plants
  • Odour treatment plants
  • Mud incineration plant

Products for Water Treatment Market:

  • GRP Storage tanks for chemicals such as AlCl3 or FeCl3
  • Bulk storage tanks of lime, talc, activated carbon, dehydrated mud, ash
  • Equipment for the cleaning process for contaminated air
  • Process equipment for cooling water
  • Systems for transportation of gases
  • GRE equipment for Membrane housing
  • Equipment for deodorisation processes
  • Piping systems for processing and cleaning of sludge water
  • Equipment for demilitarisation process

Food & Beverage

Plasticon Composites recognises that the Food & Beverage market is increasingly being led by global corporations. The market involves a chain from farming to retail, operating with sophisticated technologies, biotechnology, agrochemicals, plant breeding and food processing. Plasticon Composites meets the global demand for long lasting and cost effective solutions for process and storage equipment in the Food & Beverage processing markets by using composite and dual laminate materials.

Plasticon Composites is experienced in supplying the Food & Beverage market with equipment for fluids such as soup, wine, drinking water, olive oil, soy sauce and solids like sugar, flour, oat, salt and cocoa. The products manufactured for these mediums do not affect the flavour in any way. Plasticon Composites is certified by TÜV to supply the Food & Beverage industry with products, based on the fact that they are engineered according to EHEDG standards.

Technology & Electronics

Over the years, Plasticon Composites has developed special solutions for the micro electronics and chip industries. These industries have specific demands and high requirements for their production processes, including the storage, handling and processing of mediums such as HCl, HF, H3PO4, etc.
With its well organised manufacturing processes, Plasticon Composites is a reputable supplier of high purity linings for ISO containers for the semiconductor industry. These containers transport ultra pure chemicals which are used for photolithographic etching processes for silicon-based microchip or solar cell production.
The combination of GRP and high purity fluoroplastic lining systems has enabled Plasticon Composites to supply key players in this very demanding market. Plasticon Composites even developed a special design and technique to apply sheets of fluoroplastic lining systems in existing areas.

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Micro electronics
  • Chip industry
  • Wafer electronics
  • Solar energy

A selection of equipment for technology & electronics industries:

  • Ultra and high pure chemicals and water
  • Silver
  • Polymers
  • Alkalis molten
  • Gold
  • Chlorine trifluoride
  • Nickel
  • Fluorine
  • Aluminium
  • Dichlorethan hydroxide
  • Chrome
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Titan
  • Nitric acid

Waste incineration

The environmental impact of a waste incineration plant is a concern of government and society alike. The construction and choice of equipment for a waste incineration plant is therefore carefully considered by experts. Plasticon Composites has supplied waste incineration plants all over the world, delivering chemical and corrosion-resistant appliances, piping systems and storage tanks. Many waste incineration plants involve the process of burning waste materials. ‘Cradle to cradle’ is one principle used in the waste incineration industries. Plasticon Composites has experience with this principle and can supply engineering, equipment, installation and project management for these industries.
Handling NOx and SO2 is an important part of the process in which Plasticon Composites is involved.
In general, Plasticon Composites specialises in the engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for the entire waste incineration process, from process piping to auxiliary piping and from a scrubber to duct systems for cleaning the polluted air. .